Downtown Fargo Flags

The Broadway Street Flag Program was created by the DCP in 2004 to improve the aesthetic appearance of the Broadway Streetscape and to help identify this place in our community. It has a goal of acting to identify areas where there is intense retail opportunity for visitors.

Flag Applications

Download and print the application

Where They are Located

  • Flags mountings along Broadway extend from Main Avenue to 6th Avenue North. There are a total of 66 light poles along this route.
  • Flag mountings along 8th Street extend from Main Avenue to 1st Avenue South. There are a total of 12 light poles along this route.
  • Flag mountings along Main extend from 7th Street South to 5th Street South. There are a total of 17 light poles along this route.
  • The light poles are the property of the City of Fargo while the flag holders are owned by the DCP. Each flag holder is capable of accommodating up to two flags per pole.

Access will be adjusted as needed to accommodate construction projects.


Broadway Street Flags are an effective way to convey information about special events and activities that are located in Downtown or directly relate to and/or impact Downtown Fargo.

To be eligible, applicants must be a non-profit organization. The flags should showcase an event or attraction that is considered relevant to a large segment of the local community and associated with Downtown. Flags shall be used for non-commercial and non-political purposes. Priority will be given to the following (not ranked):

  1. DCP produced flags that promote an image of Downtown Fargo or publicize DCP events.
  2. Flags promoting public/community events/organizations or activities held Downtown, at North Dakota State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Concordia College, NDSCS, M State or Tri-College University or their successors.
  3. Patriotic flags to be used for events such as the Fourth of July or St. Patrick’s Day celebrations/parades, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Flag Day, or Labor Day. Flags representing the branches of the US Military, POW flag or recognized Veterans organizations (examples include VFW, American Legion or AMVETS).
  4. A flag representing the City of Fargo, an official state or Tribal Nation flag.
  5. The DCP may also approve use for citywide special events or activities open to the general public and hosted in part in the downtown or having a downtown affiliation.

The following will not be allowed:

  1. Commercial advertising for private businesses or non-community events.
  2. Political advertising, including those intended to make/promote a public policy position.
  3. Logo or references to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, profanity or other related topics, images or graphics that are deemed offensive or inappropriate as determined by the DCP.
  4. Use of the words “sponsored by” or similar verbiage.
  5. Private business logos.